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Mary Glynn Peeples believes God wants you to experience peace and joy.

Mary Glynn Peeples

  • Educator
  • Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Bible Studies in Washington
  • Spiritual Lives Satisfy Emotional Needs


  • Living Above Your Circumstances
  • Building Self-Esteem
  • Family Game Plan
  • Parent-Child Relations
  • Managing Your Inner Life
  • Reality of Christianity in a Women's World
  • How to Eliminate Depression
  • Marriage Enrichment
Mary Glynn Peeples believes in her personal commitment:  "Living above your circumstances."  As a wife and mother of three, she experienced all the stresses that come with daily life and then learned to rise above them.. Now, she shares the joy and hope of these insights with thousands through a series of conferences. A popular speaker, she is often sought out for women's meetings, conferences and corporate conventions. As of 2004, Mary Glynn Peeples has spoken in over 260 cities across 38 stats.  Her book "All We Like Sheep" has sold over 50,000 copies.

Mary Glynn has a degree in education, worked with Campus Crusade for Christ in the Philippines, developed a Leadership Training Center for Asian Christians, and conducted Bible studies in Washington, DC for Congressional wives and women in leadership positions.  She has also developed a stress management seminar series.

Mary Glynn's primary focus on living will help you identify the attitudes that prevent you from feeling good about yourself, and teach you specific ways to gain a positive outlook in all your daily activities.

Living Above Your Circumstances
  • Identify the attitudes that prevent you from feeling good about your self and teach you specific ways to gain a positive outlook in all your daily activities.  Through a practical twelve step guide,  you will learn how to deal with the stress of today's world. Yu can expect to understand and accept; yourself better, be able to develop more satisfactory relationships with others and have more consistency and balance in your daily life.

"The circumstances of life,  the events of life,  and the people around me in life do not make me the way I am, 
but reveal the way I am."

Among Mary Glynn Peeple's audience have been:

Dr. James Dobson's radio programs
Chick-Fil-A corporate meetings
Moody Women's Conference
Women Alive Conference
Key Royal National Convention
The 700 Club.


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