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Dr. Joe Pettigrew

Joe Pettigrew

  • Corporate Executive
  • Doctorate Degree in Leadership
  • Professional Speaker
  • Leadership
  • Morals / Ethics in Business
  • Change
  • Teambuilding
  • Management Development
  • Life / Family Balance
  • Motivation
  • Success
Dr. Pettigrew is a leading authority on the issues affecting today’s senior executives. He is a highly distinguished executive coach, professional speaker, and founder of Leaderpoint, an international leadership-coaching firm. Joe’s experiences represent 25 years of exceptional senior leadership and management success. He is among a very elite group of leadership coaches worldwide to hold a Doctorate Degree in the field of Leadership. His clients include many of America’s Fortune 500 Companies as well as a large number of small for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. His daily experience in the corporate world, not just on the speaking circuit, keeps him up to date with the current trends and issues facing today’s senior executives.

Dr. Joe Pettigrew is known for entertaining keynote speeches and seminars packed with practical content, upbeat humor and extraordinary stories from the real world. Joe uses his vast knowledge and experiences to provide his audiences with real life solutions for today’s management issues. His audiences leave his presentations with ready to apply information, renewed focus and enthusiasm.

Joe’s ability to educate and entertain has earned him a reputation as a high content speaker who captivates his audiences. His audiences participate in his presentations, which helps to ensure their success. He has inspired and energized thousands of senior leaders with his vibrant personality, engaging style and unique insight into the pressing issues affecting today’s leaders. Joe offers your organization:
Joe Pettigrew’s experiences represent 25 years of exceptional senior leadership and management success.
  • A professional image, both on and off the speaker’s platform
  • High morals and values
  • Twenty-five years of hands-on managerial experience
  • A thoroughly researched and perfectly executed presentation, tailored to the client’s needs
  • Audience participation to enhance the development of ideas
  • An inspiring and entertaining presentation, which will leave your members energized and motivated.
Joe Pettigrew's presentations are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. A Speaker Questionnaire is completed by each organization prior to the event, which allows Joe to customize his presentation to you. Speech titles, content, examples and illustrations are researched and tailored to address your particular needs.



  • When the topic is leadership, Joe is known to deliver a hard-hitting wake-up call for today's leaders. His experiences working with some of the world's foremost leaders provide his audiences with real life lessons. Joe sees leadership like coaching. It requires not only the skills to do a particular job, but also the skills to lead people in that job. Joe draws upon his professional experience and academic training in the field of leadership to give you the leadership skills needed to survive and excel in today's working environment.
    • Becoming a Leader
    • Leadership Development is a Lifetime Journey, Not a Brief Trip
    • He Who Stays in the Valley Will Never Go Over The Hill
    • If You Could Add Only One Leadership Quality to Yourself, What Would It Be?
    • What Keeps a Leader up at Night?

Morals / Ethics in Business

  • Has there ever been a time when ethics and morals were more needed than in today's workplace? The reputations of today's executives are being questioned as we see the effects of unethical management practices. Joe's faith background gives him the heartfelt passion to challenge his audiences to reflect on the age-old question, "Who are you when no one's looking?"
    • Being Led By An Unseen Hand
    • Values Do Not Equal Habits
    • Ability May Get You to the Top, But Character Will Keep You There
    • What You Do Speaks so Loudly I Can’t Hear What You Say
  • Real leaders hate to lose, more than they enjoy winning. They are always willing to pay a price. Most team leaders will tell you that the rewards are worth the risk. How we decide to view change will affect the outcome--win or lose! You will learn how to view change as an "optimist" and use it to your organization's advantage.
    • Change is not a “Four Letter Word”
    • Turning Resistance into Readiness
    • Innovation Meets Bureaucracy: Trouble in the Making
    • 10 Essential Skills for Leading in a Changing World
  • While athletes have long recognized that great coaching gives a team the winning edge, most business professionals have not had access to this proven experience. Joe will share his experiences gained from working with some of the nations top athletic organizations. Let Joe share with you some of the strategies being used by successful coaches. Joe's 25 years of outstanding management experience give him the critical knowledge necessary to "coach" audiences in the skills and strategies of teamwork.
    • Today’s Team Players are Tomorrow's Leaders
    • There is no “I” in Team
    • Coaching Workers into Winners
    • Building a Dream Team
    • Creating Your Game Plan
Management Development
  • Whether speaking to first year managers or seasoned veterans, Joe's audiences appreciate his vast first-hand knowledge of the problems and issues affecting today's managers. As the more traditional managerial methods prove insufficient with today's ever-changing workforce, there is a growing demand for skilled leaders. Understanding the new role of today's manager and developing effective management skills are crucial to the success of everyone who supervises employees.
    • Managers: Hurdling the Obstacles
    • Coaching—Strategies for Success
    • Changing Today’s Manager into Tomorrow’s Leader
    • 15 Fatal Errors Made by Today’s Managers
Life / Family Balance
  • Balancing our business lives with our family lives can be a daunting task. Often our inner struggles come from our tendency to place undue pressure on ourselves in regard to the balance between family and work. Participants will learn how to bring more balance into their lives, which in turn will become a win-win situation.
    • Where Does a Parent/Spouse go to Resign?
    • Loving the People You’re Stuck With
    • Climbing the Ladder of Success and Dragging Your Kids With You.
    • The Practical Guide for Successful Living: Put Your Head Under the Pillow and Scream
    • Lifestyle by Choice, Not by Chance
    • Surely There’s More to Life Than This?
    • Parenting—America’s Most Difficult Leadership Position!
    • It’s Halftime: Preparing for the Second Half.
  • Motivation is a key ingredient in all successful organizations. When was the last time you had a speaker that left you feeling magical, excited about life, enthusiastic and productive in your job? Joe stimulates and revitalizes his audiences with humor, energy and enthusiasm. He will leave your people with a "can do" attitude, which will help them meet the challenges of today's world.
    • When You Die, Who Will Answer Your E-Mail?
    • Motivation without Mobilization Equals Frustration
    • Motivating Yourself and Others
  • What is success? Join Joe as he dispels modern day myths regarding the road to success. Is it climbing the corporate ladder, attaining wealth and influence or personal satisfaction? Joe will teach you how to take your life, both at work and home, and place it on the express track! Transform your career into one that is fun, exciting and yes--successful.
    • What Will You Get When You Get Where You’re Going?
    • Learn How to Focus on the “Tudes of Life” - Attitude* Gratitude* Magnitude* Latitude* Multitude
    • Personal Success: How to Get It, How to Keep It!
    • Climb the Ladder to Success And Take Your Family With You!
    • How to Put Your Career on the Express Track
"I have never seen such enthusiasm from our people ... Our staff returned totally upbeat and engrossed in what you had to say."

Global Leadership Training Manager


"Your speed was so very funny and without a doubt the most complimented of all the programs I have scheduled."

Customer Service
Northwest Airlines


"... you were right on target in your presentation ... incredibly funny ... you found the exact right message."




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