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Sandy Queen

  • Educator
  • Trainer
  • Professional Speaker
  • Lighten Up!
    • Maximizing Health and Well-Being
      Through a Positive Mental Attitude


Because of her energetic stage presence and great sense of humor, Sandy is known internationally as a dynamic trainer and speaker.  Her unique blend of insight to human nature along with over twenty years of experience in training and development, education, healthcare and parenting helps her connect with her audiences on a personal level.

Her philosophy:  Lighten Up  - This is the only life you have!

She is a mother, grandmother, and educator, and a speaker, but most of all, a person dedicated to helping people reconnect with a sense of their own uniqueness.

Thru her wide variety of workshops and keynotes, Sandy’s ability to use humor, even for serious topics, has gained her a widespread reputation for helping participants take a look at their lives, attitudes, and feelings, and find places to “lighten up”, both personally and professionally.

Sandy has worked with people – from preschoolers to seniors – corporate to community groups – throughout the United States and around the world for over twenty years.  She is well-known for her work with young people in helping them become leaders  in their own lives and brings an important message with a light manner to all those she meets.

Lighten Up!
Maximizing Health and Well-Being
Through a Positive Mental Attitude
  • “…a unique workshop that will help you see yourself in a totally different way…you’ll feel better than you’ve felt in a long time!”

Most of us misunderstand the nature of humor and laughter.  Most people consider humor a ‘stand-up comedy’ routine of life.  Unlike comedy, which makes fun of people or things, however, humor finds laughter in the common life experiences we all share.

This warm and wonderful workshop helps participants take a look at their lives, attitudes and feelings and find places to “lighten up” and take a different look at their humanness.

LIGHTEN UP is based on a set of assumptions abut laughter and  mental health:

  • Laughter creates a positive mental attitude;

  • Laughter is necessary for physical, emotional and mental health;

  • Laughter helps us reduce stress by teaching us ‘not to sweat the small stuff”;

  • People learn better when they are laughing;

  • An organization that laughs together, stays together and produces a better product!

  • A school that laughs together, learns more; students even like coming to school!

  • A family that laughs together isn’t destroyed by family plagues – like adolescence!

This is an excellent presentation for business, school or community groups.  It can be presented as a keynote address or can be extended into an all day or multi-day workshop/training session.

"I have been blessed with this wonderful human gift.  Your tape will be shared with many others…such joy!  Thank you!”

Blue Cross/Blue Shield employee

“She is funny, sensitive, laid-back and one hell of a pro.”

Rosita Perez
 by National Management Association 1985



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