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Tony Ruesing

Tony Ruesing

  • Sales & Marketing Specialist
  • Author 
  • Professional Speaker
  • Delighting Your Customer
  • Coaching Skills for Team Leaders
  • Presentation Skills
  • Stress Management
Tony Ruesing received his Certified Speaking Professional award in August of 2000 for speaking achievement over a five year period. His teaching style is a fitting combination of career building skills, participant involvement, humor and appropriate storytelling.

When people do something they love to do it shows. Everything about Tony's presentations exude excitement and fun. While they are high-energy events, packed with solid helpful tips, they also contain a playfulness that allows people to really enjoy themselves while they are learning.

He has gravitated toward the listening, questions, and feedback skills that are absolutely essential to success in business. He believes everyone is capable of reaching more of what is inside of them by mastering these simple tools. His inspiring style is backed up with “how to” techniques that make his programs continue to pay dividends.

When it comes to achieving success, Tony Ruesing, not only knows the subject, he wrote the book on it! His book Better Questions, Better Answers, has put over 30 years of experience in sales and marketing to work for the organizations he has been privileged to assist.

Ruesing has designed and implemented customer service programs, helped telephone service bureaus improve their negotiation skills, coached executives desiring to improve their presentation skills, conducted numerous sales training programs, and worked with managers and supervisors to sharpen their coaching and counseling abilities.

Tony works with many of the Fortune 500 companies including AT&T, Monsanto, Ford, Anheuser Busch, and TRW, to name a few. Governmental agencies as well as non-profit associations use him to address their groups. Smaller companies are also interested in establishing total quality programs and seek his expertise. Tony's work provides principles essential to long-term relationships with suppliers, customers, and employees.

Delighting Your Customers
  • Tony Ruesing provides training that will enhance the customer service skills of all participants. The desired learning outcome is to prepare customer services representatives (CSR) to deal with all types of customers.
Coaching Skills for Team Leaders
  • Forward-thinking managers have discovered that the same skills sports coaches use to create winners in athletics also work in a business setting. Tony explores ways to plan and strategize to achieve the kind of results that impact the bottom line. It's a step by stet approach to producing a team leader game plan that ensure you'll reach your goal sand objectives.
Presentation Skills
  • The element that distinguishes a solid communicator from an ordinary communicator is the ability to make presentations. Many people know how to create a tolerable presentation., not everyone know how to utilize their talents to their full potential. Businesses pay big money to people who have the ability to think on their feet. In this high-impact session you will learn how to bring out your best and gain the respect of your peers. You will get solid information that will help you capture the hearts and minds of your listeners.
Stress Management
  • Stress is a part of life. Tony Ruesing helps you discover ways to more effectively handle everyday stress. In addition, you will discover how to cope with change and conflict in the work place as well as social and family settings. While stress is a part of life, without a stress management plan, dire consequences to both mental and physical health can occur.
"Thanks for doing such a terrific job in giving your presentation to my managers.  Through your use of humor, magic and compelling examples, you gave my team a crisp message regarding how to improve customer service."

Mary Jo Sokol
General Manager
Business Sales Administration
Southwestern Bell

"Many thanks for your contribution to the success of our program in Atlantic City.  The communication model will help us improve and strengthen our individual communication Skills.  Thanks again for a wonderful program!"

Amy Allen


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