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Nancy Samalin, parent education pioneer

Nancy Samalin

  • Professional Keynote Speaker
  • Best-Selling Author
  • Parent Educator
  • Workshop Leader
  • Loving Without Spoiling: 
    Why It's OK To Be Unpopular With Your Child
  • Positive Discipline: 
    Alternatives To Yelling, Nagging, Bribing & Punishing
  • What To Do When Kids Drive You Up the Wall
  • How To Handle Your Challenging Child
  • Diminish Sibling Rivalry And Fighting
  • Survival Skills For Parents Of Teens
Nancy Samalin, a pioneer in the field of parent education, has worked with parents, educators and health care professionals throughout the U.S. and abroad since 1976.
Nancy's latest Book:  

We all want to raise children who are caring, compassionate, honest, and responsible. In LOVING WITHOUT SPOILING, best-selling author Nancy Samalin will help you find better ways to set loving limits without spoiling or overindulging your child.

Acknowledged as one of the most influential and widely respected parenting authorities in the field, Nancy offers introductory and advance workshops for parents of toddlers through teens.  She specializes in a hands-on approach that combines practical advice with an upbeat and humorous speaking style.  Instead of talking in generalities, Nancy Samalin's presentations are full of entertaining dialogues and anecdotes that create instant rapport with her audiences.  Her warm and witty keynote speeches are often followed by an in-depth question and answer period.

Nancy is married and the mother of two children. She discovered first-hand how difficult it is to be a parent.  She became aware of the self-defeating patterns many of us repeat with our children, despite our love and good intentions.  Convinced that others could benefit from the parenting skills she had acquired, Nancy Samalin founded Parent Guidance Workshops more than two decades ago.  She received her Master's Degree in counseling from Bank Street College of Education.

She is a frequent guest on many national TV shows including The Today Show, 20/20, Good Morning America, Dateline/NBC, CBS This Morning, and CNN.  Nancy is a former contributing editor for PARENTS Magazine and BOTTOM LINE/PERSONAL.

Workshop Leader:

  • Nancy Samalin founded Parent Guidance Workshops in 1976 to help parents and educators communicate more effectively with children of all ages.  These unique and lively programs teach positive discipline skills that diminish conflict at home and in the classroom, improve relationships and heighten the joy of parenting and teaching.

    These workshops help participants

    • Encourage Cooperation
    • Express Anger without Insult
    • Diminish Sibling Rivalry
    • Raise Children's Self-Esteem
    • Find alternatives to Punishing and Nagging
    • Build Responsibility and Autonomy
    • Cope when Parents Disagree over Discipline
"We were sorry when the night ended, as we could have listened and learned from you for hours more.  Even the most skeptical 'I've heard it all' parents were enthusiastic and genuinely impressed with your talk."

L. Zimmerman
PTA President
Chappaqua, NY


"Out of the many speakers we have had, you were by far the most dynamic.  You were the one individual who kept our audience captive with all those wonderful experiences and anecdotes."

Marlene Baez
Arthur Anderson

"...I can't imagine what I could say that would convey to you what a wonderful job you did of presenting to our group last June.  Your performance exceeded all our expectations.  You practical information, advice and observations, wrapped in your delightful sense of humor, were a gift to those in attendance that will last for years to come."

Joan Parent
Family & Children Services


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