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Barbara Sanfilippo, CSP, CPAE

  • Consultant
  • Author
  • Professional Speaker
  • Dream Big! What's the Best That Can Happen?
  • Life is a Cappuccino – When is Enough, Enough?
  • Outclass Your Competition With Five Star Service
  • Build a Business, Advise a Client, Get a Life!
  • Winning Sales Strategies of Top Performers: The Critical Edge!
  • Build a Winning Sales Team – Sales Management Best Practice
  • Five Star Service and Sales – It starts with Me!
  • How to Manage Your Book of Business –
    The Secret to Expanding Customer Relationships
  • Break the 80/20 Rule –
    How to Get Peak Performance from Your “B” Players
  • The HR Director’s Role – Be Savvy, Be Strategic, Be Smart!
Barbara Sanfilippo, an excellent business and motivational speaker in sales, service, client relationships and how to Dream Big! For solid content, customization, and electric energy, Barbara Sanfilippo is the speaker for you. CEO's, entrepreneurs, and association executives give her top scores for delivering idea-packed, entertaining, and interactive programs with take home value. Her repeat clients rave about her dynamic style, audience involvement, and pre-program preparation. She is a popular national and international speaker, consultant, and author of "Dream Big! What's The Best That Can Happen?" and "The Service Path: Your Roadmap For Building Strong Customer Loyalty."

Her topics include: high performance selling, customer service, client relationship strategies, life balance, and motivation. She is in demand for convention keynotes, recognition events, sales and management conferences, and executive retreats. As a successful business consultant, she understands the challenges facing today's leaders and employees. Barbara is one of only 95 speakers worldwide to have received both the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation and the CPAE, Speaker Hall of Fame award from the National Speakers Association.

She has diverse experience in working with all sizes and types of audiences from facilitating small management retreats, conducting training workshops to delivering major keynote programs. Barbara's dynamic, enthusiastic and genuine style allows her to easily connect with CEOs, senior management, entrepreneurs, salespeople, support and front-line staff.
Dream Big! What's the Best That Can Happen? or Dream Big! Success or Significance?
  • In these busy times, we may be questioning our priorities and what success means to us. Are we addressing the important areas in our life such as: family, friends and service to others? Truly successful people have a sense of purpose, focus and personal fulfillment. In this idea-packed, interactive and entertaining program, Barbara will help you rate your life satisfaction index, define what success and happiness means to you, make time to enjoy more Cappuccino Moments™ and create your biggest dreams. You’ll leave energized with a renewed sense of priorities and actions you can take to achieve success and live a life of significance. So be sure to attend this special program by an award-winning speaker.
Life is a Cappuccino – When is Enough, Enough?
  • What is "success"? For some, it may be reaching a specific income level, having a "fat" bank account or a beautiful home. For others, it may be taking special vacations, spending more time with our family or enjoying nature. As we rush down the road of life — a key question to ask is, “Am I making a living or living my life?” In this idea-packed and energizing session, Barbara will help us evaluate the critical choices necessary to slow down, live with an attitude of gratitude, and find time to sip cappuccino!
Outclass Your Competition With Five Star Service  or The Evolving Sales and Service Culture - What's Next?
  • Thousands of dollars are spent annually on what many CEOs think will develop a sales and service culture in their organization. Usually these are short-term "quick fixes" like training and incentives. Why are the effects fleeting? Why are these approaches ineffective over the long term? Those who are successful in sales and service take steps that reach to the very core of their organization. Topical solutions won’t work. In this idea-packed, interactive program, Barbara Sanfilippo outlines a comprehensive, step-by-step process to build a high performance service and sales culture. Topics include: measuring internal and external service, developing standards, setting goals, instilling accountability, providing incentives and recognition, orienting new employees and much more. You'll receive a detailed handout, useful exhibits, suggested timetables, pitfalls to avoid and a process you can begin immediately.
    Target Audience: CEOs, senior/mid-management, sales and marketing directors, business owners and customer service professionals.
Build a Business, Advise a Client, Get a Life!
  • Are you building a business or are your building a book of business? In today’s competitive and fast moving environment you may get so caught up in attracting and advising your clients that you neglect to plan for your own future. If you want to take your business to the next level, you must put on your CEO hat, leverage yourself, build value, and identify those opportunities and strategies that will get you there. Maybe it’s time to bring in a junior professional, upgrade technology, change your marketing program, evaluate profitability, outsource key functions or create an exit strategy to enjoy life more. In this idea-packed, energizing and interactive session, you’ll discover the key ingredients necessary to grow your business, mastermind with your peers and begin planning for your future success. You’ll leave energized with a clear direction to build your business and get a life!
    Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, business owners, investment and insurance professionals with a client list and seeking to grow their business.
Winning Sales Strategies of Top Performers: The Critical Edge!
  • Winning Sales Strategies of Top Performers – The Critical Edge!
    What does it take to thrive as a sales and marketing professional or entrepreneur in the future? How can you attract warm calls and gain a competitive advantage? In this idea-packed and energizing program you'll discover proven secrets you can use to:
    • Attract business to you easily and make warm calls
    • Promote and position yourself as an expert and a "mini celebrity"
    • Demonstrate customer appreciation and retain loyal clients
    • Follow-up and touch prospects and clients in a persistent manner with email and other creative methods.
    • Conduct pre-call planning to focus on getting the business
    • Critique calls to improve overall effectiveness
    • Dream big and achieve your goals

    Target Audience: Sales Representatives, entrepreneurs and consultants

Build a Winning Sales Team –
Sales Management Best Practice
  • To be successful, sales representatives, business development professionals and calling officers need motivated and talented sales managers to improve performance. Unfortunately, many managers have never been given any training in "sales management" skills. As a result, they just focus on "reaching their numbers". What they don't realize is to reach their sales targets they must spend the time to develop and help people succeed. Just like a coach who is committed to helping an athlete win a gold medal, committed sales managers can make a significant difference in the performance of their team. Whether you have the title of sales manager or not, if you are responsible for generating revenue through your team--this idea-packed program will give you practical tools you can use immediately to increase performance. Barbara will review best practices utilized by top sales managers.
    As a result of this program you¹ll discover proven strategies such as:
    • How to get your people focused on the right activities that get results as opposed to just focusing on the bottom line.
    • How to observe and critique sales calls to help your people master the consultative sales process.
    • How to ensure your people have a consistent and persistent system to follow up effectively and build relationships. The power of email marketing and follow up will also be discussed.
    • How to reenergize your sales meetings and create a stimulating, valuable and participative experience for your team.

    Target Audience: Sales managers and business owners who want to improve the performance of their sales team.

Five Star Service and Sales – It starts with Me!
  • Each contact with a customer or member is a "moment of truth". Front-line staff must always be ready and willing to go the extra mile. Support staff also play a key role by being responsive to their "internal customers" or fellow employees. All staff must make the change from order takers to order seekers. In this highly entertaining and informative program, attendees will learn why service is so important, how to acknowledge and greet people, how to serve our internal customers, how to recognize cues and approach the customers about our services, and, most importantly, how to take responsibility for motivating ourselves.
    Target Audience: Customer contact and support staff
How to Manage Your Book of Business – The Secret to Expanding Customer Relationships
  • Chances are some of your VIP customers are feeling neglected and are ripe for being stolen. What are you doing to reach out and touch your best customers, build loyalty, and nurture profitable relationships? As a relationship manager or sales representative your primary role is to retain your "A" customers and expand relationships with your "B" customers. In essence, your job is to effectively manage your "book of business." In this program, you'll get valuable information you can use to begin confidently contacting your key customers.
    In this idea-packed and energizing program, you'll discover:
    • Your primary duties as a relationship manager
    • Best practices to manage your book of business
    • How to create a profiling form to get to know your customers
    • How to make the initial introductory call with confidence
    • How to build trust and engage your customers in conversation
    • How to recommend a service or product
    • How to set up an effective follow up system
    • How to add value to the customer relationship with VIP service and education
    • How to conduct client review meetings

    Target Audience: Relationship managers, sales and investment professionals, account executives, and anyone seeking to expand relationships with an assigned list of customers or members.

Break the 80/20 Rule – How to Get Peak Performance from Your “B” Players
  • As a CEO, sales manager or HR professional your job is to get results through both your "A" and "B" players. "B" players make up the majority of your staff and are often mismanaged and undervalued. Yet they execute, are loyal and get the job done. What would it be worth to you to reverse the 80/20 rule so more of your people are operating at peak performance? Too many firms focus on their strongest or weakest links, yet success or failure often lies in that solid middle, the 75% of workers who have been ignored. You'll leave armed with tools to re-engage your staff and create meaningful recognition programs. In this idea-packed session, Barbara will share:
    • the difference between A & B players --how to identify and appreciate them
    • why most coaching models are ineffective
    • how to coach and determine what motivates your B players
    • why cash incentives don't always work and what types of recognition will inspire your "B" players to perform
    • why you may not need or want more “A” players and much more!

    Target Audience: CEO's, managers, supervisors, sales managers, HR professionals, business owners and anyone interested in increasing staff performance

The HR Director’s Role – Be Savvy, Be Strategic, Be Smart!
  • In today's fiercely competitive environment, savvy human resource professionals who add value and impact revenue will win the respect and support of CEO's and senior management. In addition to hiring staff and monitoring benefit programs, HR can be the driving force behind strategic initiatives. In this idea-packed, energizing and interactive program, Barbara will outline proven strategies you can use to be viewed as a key contributor and business partner. This program was highly-rated at SHRM's 2003, 2005 and 2006 national conventions. Topics include how to:
    • Think like a strategist, not simply an executor
    • Support your firm's strategic initiatives
    • Tie HR initiatives to actual sales results
    • Deliver internal service to key business units
    • Score a big win, promote your accomplishments and much more!

    Target Audience: All human resource professionals

"Great!  Barbara Sanfilippo's Five Star Service Solutions takes the mystery out of the process of delivering terrific service with vivid examples, and a simple but solid approach "

Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D.
Co-Author, The One Minute Manager

"Barbara Sanfilippo has done an excellent job of chronicling and organizing the things head up managers . . . across the country are doing to improve the quality and consistency of the service their customers expect today."

Ron Zemke, President
Performance Research Associates, Inc
Co-Author, Service America!

"Your evaluation scores were the highest of any MPI presenter in our history. You had the audience laughing one moment, crying the next and then seriously searching their souls. I have never seen a keynote presentation affect so many participants at the same time emotionally, spiritually and intellectually."

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