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Renee Scheidt

  • Author
  • Singer
  • Communicator
  • Professional Speaker
Renee Scheidt is Powerful, Dynamic, Challenging, Practical . . . Renee Scheidt is an author, speaker, and singer.

Her versatility as a communicator has fondly tagged her as “one who really knows how to connect with her audience.” She will speak to your heart as a life-changing message of grace flows from the depth of her experience.

Forced to journey through great tragedy when her minister husband of ten years died by suicide, Renee proclaims God’s faithfulness and the truth of His Word, especially in the midst of adversity. Her honest and open approach to dealing with real life issues has endeared her to numerous audiences. With sincerity, humor and a strong grasp on God’s Word, you’ll find Renee uniquely qualified to minister in a multitude of settings.

Renee Scheidt has brought HEART NOTES OF HOPE to audiences throughout the country since 1990. A professional member of The National Speakers Association, The Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, and The Conference of Southern Baptist Music Evangelists, she is also a graduate of CLASS, and holds a Master of Church Music Degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. She hosts a weekly TV program, Hearts of Hope, broadcast from Charlotte, North Carolina and has shared the program with such noted personalities as Gloria Gaither, Beth Moore, and David. Ring. As an accomplished writer, her articles have appeared in various magazines, including Dr. James Dobson’s Focus On The Family Ministries, and LifeWay Press. She has been a contributing writer for several devotional books and authored two, Songs of the Night, forwarded by the late Dr. Ron Dunn, and You Know You’re Getting Older When . . .(a humorous look at the aging process). Her two vocal recordings are titled “Safe in His Arms” and “All For the Good.”

Renee Scheidt's Most Requested Topics

  • “Standing On The Promises" (Finding Hope in the Midst of Adversity)
    Using her personal experience of being widowed in 1987 when her minister/husband died by suicide, Renee stresses that the promises of God anchor our soul during life’s hardships.
    This proclamation of faith in a loving God will inspire you to keep holding on to hope.
  • “Choices at the Crossroad” (Tomorrow’s Reality Based on Today’s Choice)
    The privilege and power to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones is ours when we make choices based on God’s truth.
  • “All For The Good’ (from Romans 8:28, it keeps’em laughing!)
    Only in God’s economy can “bad = good!” Explore how God can take a “bad” circumstance, and turns it around to work for our benefit! A powerful, challenging message.
  • “Spring Always Comes” (The Changing Seasons of Life)
    Using her rural upbringing as a backdrop, Renee parallels the physical seasons of life with the emotional seasons we encounter in our life journey. A message of hope and encouragement!
  • “Lessons For Living Life” (The Three R’s taught by the University of Adversity)
    And it’s not “reading, riting and rithmatic!” Learn basic principles that will equip you to handle unwelcome situations!
  • Tough Times Survival Kit,” Part I & II (Back Pack Essentials for Wilderness Wanderings)
    Application of these ten items ensures that you keep moving forward, not stuck in the mire,while walking through the wilderness.
  • “Comfort’s Call in Troubled Times” (Experiencing the Comfort of God)
    Renee shares practical ways God’s comfort is exhibited during difficult days. A must for those who desire to help others through adversity.
  • “Hope Of The Heart” (What, Why, Who, How to let Hope Blossom in Hearts Today)
    Even in a world gone crazy, the child of God can acclaim with King David, “My Heart is glad . . . and shall rest in Hope!” Discover basic “how to’s” to share in this Hope.
  • Singles Specials:
    Square Pegs in Round Holes (Finding Your Place in the World as a Single Adult)

    A Solo Flight into Parenting (Successful Single Parenting)

    Me? Single Again? (Recovering From the Loss of a Relationship through Death/Divorce)

    The Healing Heart (The Emotional Phases and Processes of Healing Broken Hearts)

    When The Darkness Won’t Go Away (Exposing Myths; Presenting Truth about Depression

    Letting Go, Moving On (Getting Past your Past)
  • Seasonal Specials:
    Love Evermore (Valentines)
    The Heart of a Mother (Mother’s Day),
    Christmas Evermore

Suggested Options for Scheduling Renee Scheidt

Renee's versatility as a communicator will speak to your heart as a life changing message of grace flows from the depth of her experience. Banquets, Ladies Night Out, Teas, Weekend conferences or retreats, and Sunday services are all ideal settings to schedule Renee to share with your group.

Renee will be happy to work with you to meet the needs of your particular group.  The following are simply ideas from which to start!

Saturday Evening Banquet (or simpler meal) with after dinner program;
Target Groups: Ladies only, couples, or singles
Idea: Men serve ladies for ladies banquet
Pre Dinner session can be added if desired; adaptable for Sat. Mini-conference
Sunday AM: Adult Sunday School Rally followed by sing/share 40 min in A.M. service

Friday Evening Kickoff: 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Saturday Morning: 8:30 - 9:00 Continental Breakfast/Registration
9:00- 10:15 Session #1
10:15-10:30 Break/Refreshments
10:30-11:30 Session #2
11:30-12:15 Lunch provided by church
12:15-12:45 Q & A with Renee; Commitment Time

Note:  A Friday or Saturday format might be treated as a retreat and scheduled in a hotel setting and invite area churches to participate.

Bible Study Hour
A.M. Service
Afternoon Session ("ladies tea" or "finger food" refreshments)
P.M. Service
Church may prefer only A.M. or P.M. Sessions

#4 SINGLE PROGRAM (Ladies Night Out, Luncheon, Tea, Banquet, Etc.)


“WOW - you did a fabulous job. Your life experience has really given you the
ability to speak with veraciousness and frankness. Beyond that, the Lord has
given you a gift of clarity and humor when you speak. We appreciated your sincere heart.”

Rev. Stacy Andrews
Madison, MS


“Through the years we’ve hosted a number of Christian Artists and Encouragers.  However, few have endeared themselves to our people like you. Your honest and sincere approach, your humor when addressing personal crisis, and your openness about how God has used past and present difficulties to mold you, have always had a deep impact upon our people.”

Dennis Brown, Worship Arts Pastor
Niceville, FL


“Renee is a breath of fresh air!”

Gary Driskell, Songwriter/Producer
WORD Publishing
Nashville, TN



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