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Ross Shafer

Ross Shafer

  • Comedian/Entertainer
  • Six-Time Emmy Winner
  • National TV Host/Writer
  • Professional Speaker
Ross Shafer has made more than 3,000 meeting planners look like heroes!

Ross' experience as a stand-out after-dinner entertainer, keynote speaker, and seminar leader includes such diverse clients as Microsoft, Toyota, Sprint, Nordstrom, Discovery Toys, Chevrolet, Boeing, and Blue Cross, to name a few.

Six-time Emmy award winner Ross Shafer is known to millions of television viewers as a host of The Match Game and Days End on ABC, The Late Show on Fox, and Love Me-Love Me Not on the USA Network. A popular comedian, he performs in Las Vegas, Reno, Atantic City, and at major comedy clubs throughout North America. His television credits include Evening at the Improv, Comic Strip Live, Caroline's Comedy Hour, and The A-List.

Corporate Comedian

For fifteen years, Ross has been a top corporate favorite because of his clean, relevant humor. He can entertain a group from 50 to 15,000 and his after-dinner keynotes have garnered praise worldwide.

Conference Emcee

Because of his years as a network television host (including the International Miss America pageant), Ross is frequently asked to Emcee the Awards banquet or Emcee the entire conference: introducing speakers and holding the conference together. Organizations hire Ross when they need a pro to keep things lively and moving.

Humor Your Stress Away

Ross Shafer - Humor Your Stress AwayThis funny and informative program (60 minutes) demonstrates how you can use more humor in the workplace to reduce stress, lighten moods, and trigger creativity. Ross gives attendees solid information and proven techniques that you can put to use today.  Its funny, interactive and extremely effective in helping to encourage Teamwork and Creativity…especially when the pressure is on!

Powerful Presentations

This skill-oriented workshop leaves attendees with specific tools to improveRoss Shafer their speaking performances immediately. They will not only learn how to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking but how to Speak without Notes, how to Close with Power and Persuasion, how to prepare a speech with only ten minutes notice, and the 10 mistakes every speaker must avoid. The program is 1 - 4 hours depending on your schedule. The half day workshop includes video taping, individual coaching and critiques.

Many Happy Returns

This funny and sometimes shocking keynote speech is based on Ross' research for his many training films on the subject of Customer Service. He isn't bashful about naming the names of some of the most appalling customer service goof ups he's ever encountered. And of course, the best ones are highlighted, as well. You'll never see Customer Service the same again.Ross uses his experience as a stand-up comedian to give insight into generating Many Happy Return ... CUSTOMERS! Ross Shafer

  • Make Good and lasting Impressions
  • Demonstrate your Competence to Customers
  • Give Customers More Service than they expect
  • Create Personal Relationships
  • Resolve Conflicts with your Customers
  • Thank Customers and Value their Feedback



In the four years Ross was at the helm of Almost Live, the show collected almost 40 Emmy Awards; six going to Ross for his work as Host, Actor, and Writer – and the prestigious IRIS award for the “Best Entertainment Series” in the United States; which can only be explained as a typo. These were busy times for Ross; who also hosted a daily four-hour afternoon drive radio program on KJR-AM. He never played accordion music. Ross also became a regular contributor to Dick Clark's “TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes” and appeared with Dick as a guest when Ross successfully changed the Official Washington State Song to “Louie, Louie.” Ross could finally get some sleep.

For a while, critics claimed that with his massive head of hair, Ross looked more like a game show host than a comedian. So, in a semi-hostile takeover, the USA Network hired Ross to host their game show, “Love Me, Love me Not.” He also taped game show pilots for NBC and ABC. A disturbing and almost profitable pattern was developing.

Under the illusion that Game Shows were somehow culturally important, Ross was offered (2) Ross Shafer Comedy TV Specials, plus a recurring role on Fox Television's “21 Jump Street.”

About the same time, the Fox network lost Joan Rivers as the host of their flagship late night program, “The Late Show.” It competed against Johnny Carson and David Letterman and came complete with scenery, a band, and comfortable talk show seating for six. After a bevy of rotating hosts, Ross was hired as the permanent guy. He chatted it up with celebrities and enjoyed an upscale daily cheese tray.

Ross continued to perfect his stand-up act and told jokes on, “Evening At The Improv” “Comic Strip Live,” “The A List,” and a cavalcade of others. Next came, “Days End, a nightly ABC entertainment magazine co-hosted by Ross and Matt Lauer. The show lasted 6 months and Ross has always wondered whatever became of Matt?

Ross also became a published author with the comedy cookbook, “Cook Like A Stud”…38 recipes men can prepare in the garage using their own tools. And he wrote and produced the highly acclaimed comedy CD, “Inside the First Family,” a send up of the Clinton Scandals. You're right if you think Ross had too much time on his hands.

Oh yes, and there was the successful run as the host of ABC-TV's “Match Game.” The show still plays every morning on the Game Show Network. All along, Ross has continued to perform for corporate audiences worldwide. Two new careers came from his corporate exposure. He found that many top company executives are plagued with stage fright. So, Ross is frequently asked to work one-on-one as an executive Public Speaking Coach. Secondly, he has taken a special interest in the decay of Customer Service in this country. With as much traveling as he has done, he found that good customer service was as rare as a five-legged chicken. So, rather than complain about it, he has written and produced a dozen funny HR Training Films on the subject; which are now distributed all over the world.

What about comedy? Besides his speaking schedule, Ross is a comedy and game show consultant for the USA network, Bravo, Comedy Central, Broadway Video, and TNN. And has co-created a new Comedy talk/game show for the USA Network – set to launch in 2002. Bottom line? Ross still says he prefers the exhilaration of performing before a Live audience. Just as long as he doesn't have to accommodate accordion requests.

Ross Shafer Goes Motivational

  • Understandably, since September 11th, employees and management have been hard pressed to stay focused on their goals. This program traces Ross' journey from Pet Shop Manager to Late Night Talk Show host and how he did it. The same solid principles work for anyone who wants to achieve the “seemingly impossible.”

    The FROM HERE TO THERE program stresses these five points.

    1. Every Success has a Roadmap (chart your course and stick to it)
    2. Ask for Directions (use mentors)
    3. Expect Road Blocks & Detours (success is not a straight line)
    4. Take an Original Route (being different wins awards)
    5. HOW You Get There Matters (others learn from you)

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