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Lee Shelton specializes in team building, leadership development, sales training, motivation & enthusiasm, and customer care

Lee Shelton

  • Business Executive
  • International Speaker
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Management Troubleshooter
  • School Teacher


  • Team Building
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales Training
  • Motivation & Enthusiasm
  • Customer Care
To make an organization work, your need two things:  a good management authority and someone to motivate the troops.  Someone too lead the way, find new answers that work and then teach these skills and ideas to every member of your organization.

That's Lee Shelton.  The high school teacher who once received a National Science Grant.  Who hit the road as a salesman.  He rose to the marketing director for American Hospital Supply, assistant v.p. for Scott, Foresman & Company, and eventually to a vice-presidency with Coors Beer.

Each client gets personal service and a unique experience with Lee.

Here is the man who inspires, motivates, and troubleshoots like no other speaker you have worked with. Each Lee Shelton program is one-of-a-kind. Your program will be based on a comprehensive questionnaire and telephone conference sessions designed to help Lee get "inside" your organization so he can learn your strengths and problem areas in advance, how your staff works and possible new skill your people might need.  Lee Shelton then creates a personalized program specifically for you!

Last year Lee Shelton traveled over 360,000 miles communicating his own brand of success with over 100 companies and organizations.  As a speaker and keynoter, as a trainer at on-sites and breakouts, and as a trouble shooter where his management skills helped increase productivity -- and profits -- for dozens of major clients.

"Live Today, Not Tomorrow"
  • Lee Shelton recharges your meetings and conferences with the magic of "TNT!" Not only is Lee well known and fun to listen to but Lee Shelton really does give people the keys to self-motivation!
"One speaker always stands out head and shoulders above the rest.  This year, it was you, Lee Shelton, with a 99% overall positive rating for both the content of your message and your presentation style."

Pamela R. Fricke
Northern States Power

"Only once in a while, one can witness the ebullient enthusiasm in a talented speaker such as the likes of Lee Shelton.."

Clifton Smith
Eastman Kodak Company


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