Stacey Spencer

Stacey Spencer, "Just Teens" television host, is a motivational speaker for youth. Stacey is a mentor, motivator and messenger as she graciously uplifts the spirits in what she calls - The Most Powerful 10 Minutes of Your Life!

Through a meaningful web of words woven into the hearts and minds of audiences young and old, Stacey Spencer re-emphasizes the meaning of high standards, meaningful morals, valuable virtues and priceless values!

Stacey knew by her junior year in high school that she wanted to provide encouragement to people through the broadcast medium.  With a college degree in telecommunications, she has experienced success as an on-air announcer, news reporter, voice/talent for radio and TV commercials, radio producer and in TV production.

In 1999, Stacey Spencer conceived, produced and hosted her own weekly TV show: "Just Teens." It's a multi-faceted program that includes teen discussions on current topics, entertainment and computer-animated educational segments.

"I saw 'Just Teens' as a  way to give teens a way to be themselves, and talk about what is important to them"  - Stacey

"Stacey Spencer responded to General Colin Powell's America's Promise Campaign by addressing the issues, problems and challenges of today's youth."    Anne Northup, Member of The Congress of the United States.


"It's refreshing and encouraging to see [Just Teens] focus on positives  . . .  providing tools to build assertiveness, self-confidence, decision making, responsibility and coping skills is a lot tougher.  As a parent of an impressionable teenager, it's great for me to know that there is a program like this one available"

Mrs. Corky Newton
Brown & Williamson


"Stacey Spencer . . . is geared to help the young people in our community keep a positive outlook on life.

Vanessa Kimbrough
Operations Officer
Stock Yards Bank and Trust







Stacey Spencer


Her messages are energetic, educational and empowering.


She mixes a melodious method with a dramatic delivery to impart encouragement to all of her audiences.


She's had 10 years experience speaking at schools, workshops, seminars and symposiums.


















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