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Bobbie Staten
Bobbie Staten

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Bobbie is a funny, funny lady, a rare talent with spontaneous, creative, contagious humor.  She delivers clean, original material that leaves the participants laughing, thinking, reflecting, and growing.  Her timing is superb; her message upbeat; her style, entertaining.

Bobbie's background as a nurse and business entrepreneur allowed her to see first hand the pain, stress, and frustration that so many people experience at home and work.  Her message reflects a universal theme as old as time, yet fresh and relevant for today's hectic lifestyle.  When you have your health, family, and priorities balanced, life just seems to fall into place.  For the few times when it doesn't - Laugh!  Learn to use laughter to let out little puffs of pain!

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Bobbie's most frequently requested programs: 

Batteries Not Included
  • A program designed to give your employees the jump start they've been needing.  Charge their batteries while they laugh and learn to work smart, work together, and most importantly, fall in love with their job again.
Why They Make You Crazy
  • A fun and informative look at different personality styles. Participants will learn basic behavioral tendencies of their own personality style and the styles of others. Focus on how to use this information to improve relationships with co-workers, peers, and customers, and to improve and foster harmony at work and at home.
Ten Tickets to Success
  • A humorous wink and a serious look at the things you need to pack for your trip to success. Learn what gumption, character, truth, punctuality and termites all have in common and why they need to be part of your carry-on luggage! Nothing is as hard as it looks or as scary as it feels when you have the right skills and a good plan in place.
Sure, Like Ive Got All Day
  • Spinning your wheels? Overwhelmed with your to-do list? Learn to increase your productivity with helpful tips on time management, goal-planning and organizational skills. Baby steps make all the difference.

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"I have never seen a group of serious medical administrators laugh so much for sixty minutes.  It was indeed the highlight of our program"

Rich Hively
Indiana Medical Group Management Association

"Awesome!  Just what the doctor ordered.  On the evaluation scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest, you averaged a 7 because many participants said you were a 10!"

Angela Farthing
North Carolina Association of Educators


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