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Phillip Van Hooser, Professional Speaker, Trainer, and Communicator

Phillip Van Hooser, MBA, CSP

  • Leadership Expert
  • Professional Speaker & Trainer
  • Masterful Storyteller
  • Author of "You're Joe's boy, ain't ya: Life's Lessons for Living, Loving & Leading"
  • Transforming Leaders
  • Leading through Change
  • Building Work Teams that Work
  • Serve with Professionalism & Integrity

Phillip Van Hooser, MBA, CSP, is a standout business speaker, trainer and author.

With Phillip Van Hooser, your audience benefits from real world work experience and the highest quality leadership training and presentations. .

Your audience also benefits from Phil's platform expertise and professionalism. An active member of the National Speakers Association, Phillip Van Hooser has earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation. He will work to understand your goals, sculpt his comments to meet your objectives, arrive on time, close on time and be a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

A former Human Resource professional with Hyster Lift Trucks, Dayco Rubber Products and ClosetMaid, Inc., Phillip Van Hooser knows firsthand what employees want from their leaders.Through real-life stories and common sense strategies, Van Hooser develops leaders and transforms businesses across in the United States and abroad. He knows the methods that produce maximum leadership performance, the techniques that transform executives, managers and support staff into leaders people consistently choose to follow. His high energy, interactive presentations illustrate how "common sense" leadership earns employee loyalty and builds the foundation for successful organizations.

Each time Phillip Van Hooser speaks, he blends practical experience with platform excellence. Since 1988, Phil has developed and presented over 2,100 programs for more than 500 clients. An active member of the National Speakers Association, Phil has earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation. He is also past president of the North Florida Professional Speakers Association.

With intensity, excitement and humor, Phillip Van Hooser weaves these real world lessons into lasting solutions for today's leadership challenges

Transforming Leaders
  • Competitive, growth-oriented businesses need leaders their employees will consistently choose to follow. Master proven leadership methods that transform good leaders into excellent leaders and new leaders into top performers.
Leading through Change
  • All businesses face one constant force. Change. Organizations that excel value leaders who identify and seize the opportunities that change brings. Maximize leadership performance in today's changing work environments with these practical methods.
Building Work Teams that Work
  • Well-built teams significantly outperform independent individuals in today's competitive marketplace. Explore a blueprint for creating, leading and supporting cohesive, competitive, high-performance teams.
Serve with Professionalism & Integrity
  • Professional, integrity-based service wins customer loyalty and builds competitive organizations. Boost performance as a service professional with lessons from industry best practices.
Phillip Van Hooser  . . .
He Cares . . .
As much about the quality and impact of the presentation as you do.
He Prepares . . .  
Through tailoring and customization, for each presentation as if it were his first.
He Delivers . . .  
More than he promises!

"The entire day was a very rewarding experience, which has earned a phenomenal response. Many of our department heads were impressed and immediately began implementing your suggestions, in a short period we have already witnessed impressive improvements in the way our club is operated from a leadership perspective."

Troy Albert
Clubhouse Manager
Fresh Meadow Country Club

"Without doubt, you were the most interesting and motivating guest speaker we have ever had. From a convention coordinator's perspective, I personally appreciate the overwhelming effort you put forth in making it to Banff in time to speak...considering all the travel difficulties...it was a miracle you even made it...then to make such a spectacular presentation with very little or no sleep...was truly amazing."

Noreen Strassberger
Executive Director
Canadian Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchisees Assn.

"We have received many positive comments regarding your presentation, and I thought I would pass some of them along to you. 'The addition of Phillip Van Hooser's presentation was the highlight of our retreat. I am going to incorporate Phillip's five steps to "earning the right to be heard" in all of my proposals…'If this speaker doesn't motivate you, I'm not sure who would…' Thank you again for a superb presentation…"

Debra Goodling
Chief Financial Officer
Drover's Bank


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