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Jim Wand

  • National Known Hypnotist
  • Therapist & Self Practitioner
  • Educator
  • Entertainer
The Jim Wand experience is to travel Beyond Imagination. Dr. Jim Wand has guided over 150,000 volunteers in front of more than a million spell bound witnesses.  He assists the participants in unlocking their creativity and expanding their horizons.

Try to imagine your friends and colleagues enjoying an imaginary drink of non alcoholic happy juice and putting aside their inhibitions to travel on a unique, adventurous journey.  They might find themselves suddenly riding motorcycles, rollercoaster, or driving 18 wheelers.  It is possible for them to be relaxing on the beaches of the French Rivera or skiing in the Rockies and on occasion, you can observe Jim Wand's participants journey back in time to relive a memorable 4th birthday party or some other special event from their childhood!  Regardless of where their journey takes them, the fun and laughter of this unique entertainment experience will long be remembered by the volunteers as well as the audience.

Jim Wand has been involved in the field of hypnosis as educator, therapist, self practitioner and entertainer for almost twenty years.  His background in psychology, sociology, and counseling and NLP, along with years of experience has earned him national acclaim in the field of hypnosis.

His keen wit, charismatic personality and knowledge in the field, as well as innate showmanship abilities, has place him in a category by himself. 

He has worked with such personalities as Jay Leno, 8 different NFL teams, George Strait, The Judds, and Michael Jordan.  His presentations involve audience participation, are always tastefully done, and are custom designed to meet the needs of each audience.

Dr. Jim Wand incorporates humor and educational expertise as well as self-help techniques to totally involve everyone in your group!


"Your performance at our Land O'Lakes Annual Meeting was excellent.  When you can keep the attention of over 2,700 people for an hour and twenty minutes, it says a lot."

David Belina
Director, Member Relations
Land O'Lakes, Inc.

"Once again you came through with a great performance!  We had almost double the attendance of last year's cocktail reception and I am convinced it was in anticipation of your performance."

Cheryl Robertson
Exhibits/Meeting Planning Specialist
Amdek Corporation

"What can I say!!!  Your act defies superlatives!!!  Hypnotism is a great feat, but keeping 130 people laughing for over 90 minutes is a bigger one."

Wally Gair
Executive Director
Illinois Broadcasters Association


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