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Thomas J. Winninger, America's business coach, develops and implements strategies that address your biggest challenges!

Thomas J. Winninger, CPAE

  • Professional Speaker
  • Business Entrepreneur
  • Sales, Marketing, Management
  • "America's Business Coach"


  • Competing Against Price
  • Team Building
  • Selling
  • Niche Marketing
  • Quality Service
  • Leadership
Tom Winninger integrates street smart strategies into a powerful, high-impact, result-oriented, skill development session.  His presentations are a treasury of business building strategies.  They are exactly what you would expect from a street smart entrepreneur -- clean, crisp and jargon-free.  Tom's programs address real-life dilemmas and the suggestions and strategies needed to resolve them.  Challenging, inspiring, driving, innovative, enlightening and reflective are the best words to describe Tom's messages.

His free flowing, theatre-in-the-round style encourages audience participation, enthusiasm, and interaction.  He commands a refreshing, unique approach that brings a group to their feet.

Tom Winninger offers specific skill development strategies uniquely tailored to the organizational characteristics of each industry.

1. A real Business Planner's Partner!
The success of your business is our sole intent.  Tom is committed to developing strategies that get you lasting results.
2. We do our homework!
The Winninger Resource Group's research team investigates the uniqueness of your industry, its challenges, hurdles and opportunities.
3. Customizes Strategies to meet your needs!
You don't get an off-the-shelf program but rather one that starts and finishes with YOU.  Researching trends, incorporating your terminology, counseling with industry leaders and personalizing materials -- it's all part of the unique Winninger Experience.
4. An array of programming options!
Tom's varied experiences and extensive knowledge of result-oriented strategies gives you a wide range of programming flexibility.   Whether it's developing team performance, quality service, marketing strategy or sales cultures, Tom Winninger equals proven performance.
5. Energizing platform personality, street smarts and book knowledge!
Tom's engaging persona is combined with skills found in the real world.  He immediately captures the attention of his audience and keeps the energy flowing straight to the finish..
6. Support materials that enhance the learning experience!
Our support materials -- workbooks, manuals and visuals are the pride of the profession.  We write and produce strategic support materials that will aid you and your participants long after the presentation is over.  Through our support materials, we have responded to your desire to make your investments grow into measurable results!

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