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David Yoho, Professional Speaker for the Professional Educators Group

David Yoho,  CPAE
  • Renowned Direct Sales & Marketing Consultant
  • Customized Education (executives, managers, salespeople & business owners)
  • Customized audio and video education
  • Sales, Negotiation & Communication
  • Database Marketing & Competitive Differentiation
  • Telephone Sales & Marketing.
  • Customer Service
  • Managing, Motivating & Training
  • Executive Speaking Skills

Executives, managers, salespeople and service representatives from every industry and market imaginable retain David Yoho for information on one of life's most important communication skills:

The Art and Science of Personal Influence

David Yoho works with organizations that want to outthink, outmaneuver, outsell, and outnegotiate their competition. He’s president of Professional Educators Inc, a creative marketing agency that provides professional, ethical systems and structure for education, stimulation, guidance and the bottom-line.

David has delivered more than 2,500 speeches and seminars for executives, managers, salespeople and business owners.  He’s created and produced more than 200 customized audio and video educational programs on sales, negotiation, database marketing and management. He’s an adviser and coach to successful executives and managers nationwide.

His client list reads like a who’s-who.  It includes Oracle, Ameritech, The American Red Cross, United Airlines, Gateway Computers, The Washington Post, Allstate Insurance, Sherwin-Williams and so on.

For speeches or seminars, David Yoho challenges and entertains his audiences with a fast-paced, hard-hitting style. It’s first class business entertainment! Your participants will discuss his “Yohoisms” and provocative recommendations during the coffee breaks and other sessions because he’ll connect his content with your most important issues. A comprehensive analyst and renowned consultant, he'll offer valuable suggestions during post-meeting follow up.

He’s a member of the prestigious CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, which includes President Ronald Reagan, General Colin Powell, Art Linkletter, Dr Norman Vincent Peale and Earl Nightengale.

David Yoho's Power of Personal Influence
  • Building Account Loyalty
  • The Greatest Secret of Managing Relationships
  • Successful Tele$elling


  • Letting Others Have Your Way
  • How to Get Paid What You're Worth
  • Leading Others to Action 
  • Managing, Motivating and Training
  • The Ultimate Hiring System
  • Commanding the Highest Price in a Competitive Market
  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Database Marketing
Motivation & Business
  • The Power of Personal Influence
  • Making Every Day New Year's Day


"You gave them practical, easy to adopt solutions  for today's demanding environment. Weeks after the seminar, my managers still hear our people spouting Yoho-isms."


"You had an obvious grasp of senior management's vision  for the future and were able to effectively convey this in a clear and concise manner."

American Red Cross

"You really have a way of getting the audience involved."

The Washington Post

"Most of all, our attitudes toward the job and the best way to do it have changed profoundly."

Killington Ski Resort


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