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Gary Zelesky, Passion for Teamwork, Balance, Communication, Stress Management through ExZellence.

Gary Zelesky

  • Teacher & Educator
  • Salesman
  • Entrepreneur
  • Passion for exZellence
  • Naked in Paradise -
              Success Through Teamwork
  • Are You Fun To Live With? 
              Do You Have Balance in Your Life?
  • Maintaining Momentum in the Mundane -
              Management & Staff Communication
  • Fired Up, But Not Burned Out -
              Avoiding Stress & Accepting Change
exZiting conZepts for a new century through the dynamics of Gary Zelesky - a motivational feel-good speaker with a strong background in sales and management.

the Z-man delivers!  Learn to break the barriers of complacency created by the grind and frustration of everyday living!

expect reZults!  As Gary steps onto his soapbox to emphasize major points (and to appear taller), audiences will be laughing, learning and thinking seriously about ways to develop and maintain excellence.

Gary Zelesky  understand the challenges and rewards of business and family, building successful relationships at home and work, and taking responsible care of yourself.

The most positive action a person can do is bring out the best in someone else!

Gary Zelesky will bring out the best in your organization.
Expect reZults!

"Your insight and passion for life have inspired and motivated me to look beyond my way of thinking and to see a new philosophy in life ... I have used the ideas you have given me to make my work time more productive and effective."

Doug Morris
City of Oceanside, CA

"What an incredible presentation!  I know for a fact that every person who attended the presentation walked away with a feeling that the time was well spent.  My only regret is that we didn't allow more time.  However, the next time (and I do hope there will be a next time) we will allow more time."

Robin K Graf
Executive Assistant
Hilton Waikola, Hawaii


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